What is Anodizing & Anodization


What is Anodizing & Anodization?

Anodizing (Anodising, Anodization) is an electrolytic passivation process of forming a thin layer of aluminum oxide on the exterior of aluminum CNC machined parts to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer and protect the metal, as the layer has higher corrosion and abrasion resistance than aluminum. The metal part to be treated as the anode electrode. The oxide layer can be dyed in a diversity of colors, so it’s often used as a decorative finishing. Other than aluminum, nonferrous metals like magnesium and titanium can also be anodized.


Anodization Types

  • – Chromic acid anodizing
  • – Sulfuric Acid Anodize
  • – Hard Anodize
  • – Titanium Anodize
  • – Phosphoric acid anodizing

Anodization Applications

Typical application fields and products of anodizing finishing:

  • 1. Architectural industry: structures, residential and commercial building exteriors and products
  • 2. Home appliances and furniture: televisions, refrigerators, microwave equipment, etc.
  • 3. Automotive industry: car and motorcycle components, like trim parts, wheel covers, control panels, etc.
  • 4. Aerospace & aircraft: exterior panels and other parts
  • 5. Food industry: display cases, pans, coolers, grills, etc.
  • 6. Electronic products
  • 7. Sporting goods, finishing accessories
  • 8. Other applications: tables, beds, clocks, fire extinguishers, telephones, etc.

Benefits of Anodization/Anodizing

1. Improved properties. The corrosion and abrasion resistance of metal parts are enhanced.

2. Long-lasting. As the anodized surface is porous, it’s easy to absorb and retain the color.

3. High strength. The anodized aluminum parts are harder than non-treated aluminum.

4. Wear resistance. The anodizing increases the thickness of the protective film, make the metal are more durable and wear-resistant.

5. Good-looking appearance. Black, red, yellow, green, blue, orange, various colors can be chosen to get the desired look.

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